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COVID Latest

We have updated our Coronavirus Webpage with the latest measures we are taking to provide you with as safe an environment as possible with regards to Coronavirus transmission.

Highlights include:

  • We are still open for delivery of courses if:
  1. You are a Key Worker (remember this isn’t just emergency services, please contact us if you’re unsure)
  2. Your course is required for you to perform your job role
  3. Your course cannot be delivered in a different way or time
  • Our screening processes now include Lateral Flow Testing – All attendees will require this test from 01/02/2021 (for the rules and regs on this please see our Coronavirus webpage)
  • We are continuing to adapt some courses for online delivery where appropriate.

We are constantly having to adapt our approach in response to latest evidence and government advice / legistlation. We understand that this can be confusing or frustrating but we hope that you understand why this is necessary. If you have any questions please read our Coronavirus Webpage and contact us if you’re not sure.