Obstetrical Manikin with Carry Bag

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Simulaids® Obstetrical Manikin

An anatomically correct pelvic model with full term newborn and placenta to give your trainees realistic practice in multiple techniques, and to learn the procedure for emergency childbirth.
Disposable umbilical cords with clamps, easily replaceable extra vulva, powder to make simulated blood, a modular pregnant belly overlay with permanently installed fetus for training practice of the Leopolds manoeuvre to determine the fetus lie by palpating its skull and kneecaps, and a clear abdominal overlay to see positioning are all included.
The lifelike pelvic cavity has pronounced pelvic landmarks, located spinal column, angled birth canal, ileum, ischium, sacrum, sacro spinious ligaments, and greater sciatic notch. The unit is capable of demonstrating shoulder distocia, fetal attitude, fetal station, fetal lie, cord prolapse, compound presentation, and cesarean section incision locations can be discussed. The foetus provided is of a realistic newborn size with fontanels and cranial sutures.

The manikin is available in Caucasian or African-American skin tone.

A soft carry bag is included.

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Dimensions 20 × 13 × 16 in