Section A: Learning and Teaching at ORMS

The standards we work to are as follows:

  1. We have a clear admissions policy for all our courses;
  2. There will be sufficient, appropriately qualified staff to lead and teach the provision and to support learners;
  3. The curriculum will be sufficiently broad to cover our core business and provide progression for our students relative to employer needs, and student expectations;
  4. We will quality assure and evaluate all aspects of our provision for continuous improvement;
  5. Within the context of a small commercial company, we will provide students with sufficient care, guidance and support, including the implementation of a behaviour policy, to enable them to achieve;
  6. We will provide good quality teaching, learning and assessment opportunities.

The learning and teaching strategies for the courses are described  in the sections below. They are designed to enable the student to achieve intended learning outcomes. The learning outcomes which frome the modules or units of learning tie in to external reference points, such as relevant subject benchmarks and occupational/professional body standards.

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