Robert Gordon University (RGU) Students

Outreach Rescue Medic Skills (ORMS) have collaborated with The Robert Gordon University (RGU) School of Nursing and Midwifery to develop BSc Paramedic Practice – Remote And Hazardous Environments course. ORMS delivers and manages the course in accordance with the RGU Academic Regulations and Quality Procedures. Operationally, this means ORMS, for this course, operates as an arm of RGU School of Nursing and Midwifery and subsequently benefits from RGU student and staff mechanisms. Students will enrol with RGU and become students of the university and enjoy all of the associated benefits.

RGU complements the delivery and management of the course by providing a comprehensive infrastructural support and Higher Education validation. As RGU students, this includes enrolment and admission processes, online learning, teaching and management support and clarity of academic and non-academic regulations. By ORMS assimilating RGU regulations the student is assured of equity of treatment with all other RGU students. ORMS enacts regulations locally up to the same point at which other RGU schools do before enacting further processes.

RGU Students should access the relevant RGU Academic Regulations and Quality Procedures on RGU’s website (follow this link) . Please contact ORMS Head of Administration about where and when to send forms, documents etc as ORMS manages many of the RGU processes locally.