F7: Research and Scholarly Activity Policy

ORMS recognises the value of research and scholarly activity in supporting academic excellence, and aims to promote and sustain scholarly activity that is consistent with our strategic objectives. This policy outlines those forms of scholarly activity that ORMS will aim to support and provides guidelines governing these activities.

ORMS  is primarily a learning and development organisation in which scholarly activity is supported  to ensure the appropriate level of academic standards are maintained in the delivery of emergency care courses.

ORMS’ support for scholarly activity has the following intended outcomes:

  1. To consolidate, sustain and further improve medical education provision through the development of new courses in response to local, regional, national and international developments and employer requests.
  2. To further develop the range of undergraduate programmes as appropriate to consolidate ORMS as a leading institution in the medical education sector.
  3. to ensure that existing and new provision is flexible, responsive, employer-focused and informed by the workplace, to best suit the needs of local and regional learners and employers
  4. to provide learners with the opportunity to broaden their personal development and achieve progression along a multiplicity of routes
  5. to provide a high quality, differentiated education experience appropriate for the traditional and non-traditional learners
  6. to provide support for continuing professional development and the acquisition of subject-specific higher qualifications to inform pedagogical development
  7. to engage with stakeholders and key regional and national organisations to ensure our provision remains at the cutting edge of new developments

Scholarly activity:

ORMS’ aims to support scholarly activity that is congruent with our strategic objectives, enhances the quality and reputation of our educational programs, provides opportunities to collaborate with the communities served by ORMS and furthers the educational experiences of students.

ORMS’ definition of what constitutes scholarly activity is taken to cover any or all of the following

  1. Keeping up-to-date with your subject at a HE level
  2. Curriculum development with HEI’s
  3. Curriculum development that involves research
  4. Consultancy to industry and other agencies
  5. Industrial secondments or work shadowing
  6. Involvement with Professional Bodies
  7. Research and Publications
  8. Practitioner/Applied Research
  9. Personal Development – action, research and reading
  10. Staff development events within ORMS
  11. External conferences and workshops linked to any of the above

Guidelines Specific to Scholarly activity

The guidelines below are intended to assist members of staff in completing their request for scholarly activity.  Where possible all scholarly activity should undertake to meet the guidelines below to ensure a fair and consistent approach to scholarly activity.

  1. All scholarly activity undertaken will adhere to the highest ethical and procedural standards and be in accordance with the relevant ORMS’ policies and guidelines
  2. All scholarly activities associated with ORMS will need appropriate approval from the Commercial Director prior to commencement
  3. Every application in the first instance must be submitted on the appropriate line manager. Subject to Line Manager approval this will then be forwarded to the Commercial Director
  4. Every application for scholarly activity must be agreed by the Commercial Director prior to commencement
  5. All cases of Scholarly activity will be considered on their own merit