F5: Staff Appraisal Policy

1.    Staff Appraisal Policy

  • ORMS aims ‘to provide an outstanding and distinctive intellectual social and physical environment in which learning and development may flourish, and all students and staff reach their potential’.
  • ORMS are committed to supporting every employee to reach their potential and achieve their personal goals, which in turn will assist the organisation to achieve its objectives.
  • The staff appraisal policy supports the performance appraisal scheme. The scheme is a formal process centred on an annual meeting of each employee and their line manager to discuss his/her work. The purpose of the meeting is to review the previous year’s achievements and to set objectives for the following year. These should align individual employees’ goals and objectives with organisational goals and objectives.

2.    Core Principles of the Appraisal Policy

  • The appraisal process aims to improve the effectiveness of the organisation by contributing to achieving a well-motivated and competent workforce.
  • Appraisal is an ongoing process with an annual formal meeting to review progress.
  • The appraisal discussion is a two-way communication exercise to ensure that the needs of the individual, and of the organisation are being met, and will be met in the year ahead.
  • The appraisal discussion will review the previous year’s achievement, and will set an agreed Personal Development Plan for the coming year for each member of staff.
  • All directly employed employees who have completed their probationary period are required to participate in the appraisal process.
  • The appraisal process will be used to identify the individual’s development needs and support the objectives of the F6: Staff Development Policy.
  • All staff will receive appraisal training as an appraisee, and where appropriate as an appraiser.
  • The appraisal process will provide management with valuable data to assist succession planning.
  • The appraisal process will be a fair and equitable process in line with our C8: Equality and Diversity Policy.

3.    Staff Appraisal Implementation

  • Performance appraisal discussions will be held over a designated period on an annual basis. They will be arranged by the appraisee’s line manager. Line managers are encouraged to provide the opportunity for an additional 6 month verbal appraisal review, mid-year and other informal reviews as necessary throughout the year.
  • The discussion will be held in private. Information disclosed during the appraisal will be shared only with senior management. The exception is any identified training need that will be forwarded to the Commercial Director for action. Confidentiality of appraisal will be respected.
  • The appraiser (usually the employee’s line manager) will be expected to have successfully completed appraiser training, and to be familiar with the appraisee’s work.
  • All appraisal documents should be issued to both parties prior to the discussion, in order to allow time for both parties to reflect and prepare. These will provide a framework and focus for the discussion.
  • A time and venue for the discussion will be negotiated at least one week before the meeting takes place.


4.    The Appraisal Discussion

  • The appraisal discussion will allow an opportunity for both the appraisee, and the appraiser to reflect and comment on the previous year’s achievements. It will praise achievement and encourage the appraisee in his/her role.
  • The appraiser is accountable for giving the employee constructive, timely and honest appraisals of their performance, which should take into account both the goals of the organisation and of the individual.
  • The discussion should be a positive dialogue, and will focus on assisting the appraisee to acquire the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies to perform his/her current role to the best of his/her abilities.
  • The appropriate forms will be completed and signed by both parties. The appraisee will be given the opportunity to note any comments that he/she does not agree with and complete a self-assessment.
  • The appraisee and line manager should agree on a Personal Development Plan for the appraisee for the following year. This will reflect the appraisee’s aspirations and the organisation’s requirements, and should align personal and organisational goals. The organisation and the line manager will support the individual to achieve these goals during the forthcoming year.
  • Any training needs, future training requirements, planned qualifications, development opportunities and career planning should be discussed in the light of the Personal Development Plan.

5.    Training and Monitoring

The Board of Directors is responsible for the appraisal process, and they shall ensure that appraisers and appraisees are adequately equipped and trained to undertake the performance appraisal.