E2: Annual Course Monitoring

  1. Course Directors are expected on an annual basis to monitor each of their courses to ensure that no major difficulties have arisen and that appropriate opportunities for improvement have been identified. All taught programmes leading to an ORMS award must be monitored, including those offered at any other UK and international centres. Other issues to be considered will be requirements of Awarding Bodies and any issues arising from collaborative course provision.
  2. At the module level, the minimum requirement is for each module leader to consider annually any changes needed to their module(s) and to submit these amendments to the Quality Manager for approval.
  3. Course Directors are required to submit the annual monitoring forms for their provision by the end of October every year and by the end of the annual cycle for courses that start at the commencement of each term.
  4. Monitoring includes:
    • Considering External Examiners’ and External Quality Advisors’ reports
    • Considering internal quality audits and Internal Quality Advisors’ reports
    • Review of modules (including changes to curriculum, delivery and assessment, and any changes (in response to changes in programme learning outcomes or otherwise).
    • Evaluation of student performance
    • Observation of teaching on a planned cycle so that staff are not over-observed
    • Feedback received from students
    • Identification of examples of best practice identified by external sources
    • Review of Placements through Educational Audit Processes
  5. The Head of Administration will supply a quantitative data set (QDS), i.e. statistical data produced at each subject level showing percentages grades awarded, progressions, completions etc.
  6. Course Directors are required to reflect on all this information and to produce a written account of the actions that will be taken as a result. The account may encompass a number of related courses that are being monitored together. This written account is sent to the Quality Manager and forms part of the documentation for the Teaching and Learning Review. The account will include a grade using the High – Medium – Low risk categories for each aspect of provision.
  7. Once the completed annual monitoring forms have been returned, the Quality Manager will also provide comment on the External Examiners’ reports and responses received, including confirmation of the EEs’ view of the achievement of UK threshold academic standards, plus any issues arising from consideration of the QDS.
  8. Course Directors will receive feedback following consideration of their annual monitoring submissions by the Quality and Standards Committee. Courses will be allocated a risk scale to ensure that support is allocated appropriately in the next cycle.
  9. Courses will receive ongoing monitoring by the Quality Manager to ensure that all aspects of administration and delivery mechanisms are in place, that systems and procedures are being applied effectively and that the quality of service and delivery meets the expected standards.
  10. Courses identified as ‘High Risk’ will receive early and effective intervention with re-assessment at 3 months and 6 months to ensure changes have taken place and have been embedded.
  11. Where there is an action plan in place, this will be supported to a successful completion