E11: Grading and Risk Assessment Scores

ORMS uses a grading system to measure the effectiveness of courses, teaching, resources and services to maximise effective use of resources when reviewing and improving all aspects of our services to customers.

These are as follows:

Grading Service delivery, resources, course provision Observation of Teaching and Learning
Grade 1


Low Risk


Many strengths, including significant examples of sector-leading practice. No further observation for 2 years. Tutor may be asked if new or training tutors may come to visit their sessions and observe good practice in teaching and learning and/or support them in a                      mentoring capacity
Grade 2


Medium Risk


Many strengths and no important areas requiring significant improvement. No further observation for that year. Staff Development suggested to encourage Professional Development
Grade 3


High Risk


Strengths outweigh areas for improvement. Additional observation in that year. Staff Development agreed to address specific weaknesses
Grade 4


High Risk


Important areas for improvement outweigh strengths. Re-observation within 3 months to monitor progress and then every 6 months. Appropriate support and Staff Development put in place with mentoring by experienced tutor and line manager