E10: Educational Audit for Placements

Process for Audits

An educational audit must be completed prior to any student placement.  It is a requirement that suitable and sufficient placements are in place for the student prior to enrolment on the programme.  Therefore, if the audit is for a placement area “new to ORMS” the audit will need to be completed prior to any final offer of a place being made to the student.

The initial audit is completed by a member of ORMS staff accompanied by a representative from the Hub/Spoke organisation.  Annual reviews are carried out by an ORMS representative and a Hub/Spoke organisation representative.

As part of the audit process a memorandum of understanding (appendix 1) is completed to ensure that the placement arrangement is robust and continues to meet the learning needs of the student whilst maintaining a safe process for all stakeholders.

Pre-Audited Health Care Providers

Where a Hub/Spoke organisation has been audited by another agency for their educational suitability, then evidence of the outcomes may be accepted for the purposes of this audit. The evidence must be compared to the requirements of this audit and any elements not satisfactorily evidenced should then be addressed.

This process is designed to ensure the placement offers a robust learning environment without overburdening clinical practice areas with numerous audits from each educational establishment.

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