D6: Academic Appeals Procedures for Candidates

This policy does not apply to students on RGU validated courses. RGU students should refer to RGU’s Academic Regulations (follow this link)

You also need to read C15: Student Academic Appeals Policy

ORMS is not obliged to review decisions relating to student progress and/or recommended academic awards, and nor has it conferred on any student the right of appeal to the Board of Directors. However, the Board of Directors shall, through the Student Affairs Committee, consider appeals against decisions relating to academic performance and/or recommended academic awards, on the following grounds:

  • that the student’s performance was adversely affected by illness or other factors which he/she was unable, for valid reasons, to divulge to his/her personal tutor prior to the decision being made and/or
  • that there had been a material administrative error, or that the assessment was not conducted in accordance with the current regulations governing the course or that some other irregularity which materially affected the assessment had occurred.

Disagreement with the academic judgement, i.e. judgement about a student’s academic performance, of an Assessment Board cannot constitute grounds for appeal.

Appeals Procedure for Candidates

The Academic Appeals Procedure for Candidates is intended to provide a formal means for candidates to challenge an outcome of an enquiry about results, which took place at ORMS. In addition, where appropriate, candidates can challenge other procedural decisions affecting individual candidates.

Stage 1

Lodging an appeal – As a candidate, if you are not satisfied with an outcome of an assessment, you should submit your appeal to us in writing within 10 working days of the feedback being given. Appeals should be addressed to the Quality Manager and must include the following:

  • Date and type of assessment
  • Grounds on which the appeal is made
  • Supporting documentation to corroborate circumstances, if appropriate

We will acknowledge an appeal that is lodged with us, within 10 working days of receiving the written appeal.

The Quality Manager will organise an investigation of the procedures followed, and will not include a review of candidates’ own work. The investigation will be conducted by at least three staff at least two of whom have not been involved in the assessment decision.

The Quality Manager will provide feedback to the assessor, verifier and candidate on the outcome of the investigation along with a proposal for resolving the appeal, within 20 working days of acknowledging the appeal.

During the appeal procedure we will ensure that we retain all of the candidate’s documentation, safely and securely.

Stage 2

An appeal will only be accepted if:

  • you submit further material circumstances which could not reasonably have been expected to have been submitted for consideration to an Appeal Panel during the Stage 1 process;
  • there is evidence of procedural irregularity during the Stage 1 process;
  • there is evidence of bias during the Stage 1 process;
  • the decision reached during the Stage 1 process is one that no reasonable body (properly directing itself, and taking into account all relevant factors) could have arrived at.

You should submit a Stage 2 Appeal to the ORMS Administration Manager by sending an Academic Appeal Form using the Stage 2 Appeal Form together with a written statement detailing the grounds for appeal (reference Paragraph 7.1, C15: Student Academic Appeals Policy ) within 10 working days of being notified of a Stage 1 Academic Appeal decision. You should also enclose a copy of your Stage 1 appeal and any correspondence from ORMS in respect of their decision.

Stage 3

If the appeal has not been resolved, the case will be taken to the Board of Directors, who will review all aspects of the appeal and make any final recommendations about possible solutions to resolve the appeal.

Stage 4

In the case of unresolved appeals, the Quality Manager will contact the relevant Awarding Body on behalf of the candidate, and at this stage their Appeals Procedure will apply.