D4a: Fit to Sit Policy

ORMS operates a Fit to Sit Policy which means that if you undertake an assessment then you are declaring yourself well enough to do so.

ORMS’ Regulations require students to attend timetabled assessments and to submit work for assessments within the notified timescale and in accordance with the conditions for the course/module. [D1d Submission Policy].

However, ORMS recognises that illness or other valid circumstances can impact on a student’s ability to submit and/or attend an assessment. The Fit to Sit Policy, therefore, incorporates provision for extenuating circumstances.

It is your responsibility as a student to ensure that ORMS is informed of any extenuating circumstances, such as illness or other valid circumstances, which might prevent you from undertaking an assessment or is impacting on your ability to prepare for the assessment.

Extenuating circumstances are normally defined as:

“circumstances which are unexpected, significantly disruptive and beyond a student’s control, and which may have affected their performance.”

The policy on Extenuating Circumstances can be found at D4: ORM Extenuating Circumstances Policy and a claim form at D4: ORMS Extenuating Circumstances Form