C8: Equality and Diversity Policy

Equal opportunities and fair access to assessment

We aim to ensure that equality of opportunity is promoted in all areas of our learning, teaching and assessment methods and that unlawful or unfair discrimination, whether direct or indirect, is eliminated.

ORMS undertakes to comply with the requirements of equalities legislation in force including the Equalities Act 2010, the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), the Race Relations Act, the Sex Discrimination Act and the Human Rights Act. We will ensure that we have systems in place to ensure that we do not discriminate against any student, customer, employee or associate either directly or indirectly, on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, mental or physical disability, marital status or sexuality. We therefore require of all ORMS tutors that they do not discriminate in any of these respects. ORMS employees will also be expected to comply with the requirements as set out in this policy.

As a training organisation, we offer a variety of services including clinical governance consultancy and education & training opportunities. In promoting equality of opportunity, we strive to ensure that:

  • This policy is widely publicised to all our customers;
  • This policy will be made freely available to all our customers, students, placement educators and tutors, and employees;
  • Candidates have fair and equal access to assessment opportunities;
  • The widest possible diversity of candidates can access the content and assessment of our products and services;
  • The entry requirements, content and assessment demands of our courses and services are appropriate to the knowledge, understanding and skills specified and do not act as unnecessary barriers to achievement;
  • Where there are unavoidable barriers to access, we will make these clear to candidates and tutors and manage their expectations appropriately;
  • All our courses and services will ensure fair assessment for all students;
  • The language we use in our materials is clear, free from bias and appropriate to the target group;
  • We aim to produce and endorse material that is free from bias, clear and uses plain English.

Equality and diversity is inherent in all ORMS policies and procedures, including:

  • Training and development of ORMS employees and assessors and examiners;
  • Development of examinations and assessments;
  • Quality assurance of examinations and assessments;

We will ensure that we minimise any barriers to access by providing assessments which:

  • Are clear, use appropriate language and are in plain English
  • Are unbiased towards any of our candidates regardless of age, gender, race etc
  • Identify any potential barriers to access for candidates and deal with these through our reasonable adjustments and special considerations policy

In striving to ensure that equality of opportunity is a core part of our products and services, we will work to ensure that:

  • All our examinations, syllabuses and learning resources are reviewed against this policy;
  • All our services to students and clients are reviewed against this policy;
  • We will always act fairly when working with students, tutors, employees and associates;
  • We will always support and demonstrate the principles of equality of opportunity;
  • We will continue to adhere to current equal opportunities legislation;
  • We will continue to operate an effective equal opportunities policy, with which students are familiar and which applies to all students using our products and services.


ORMS aims to:

  • attract and retain students from a wide pool and from diverse communities, who have the potential to succeed and benefit from the experience;
  • ensure that there is equality of opportunity for all applicants to gain admission to a course suited to their aspirations, and based on their ability to meet the demands and professional requirements of the course regardless of age; disability; gender reassignment; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion and belief; sex or sexual orientation;
  • ensure that the recruitment and application process is fair and transparent and that no applicant is discriminated, harassed or victimised on the grounds of their age; disability; gender reassignment; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion and belief; sex or sexual orientation.

ORMS will achieve these aims by:

  • ensuring that clear, consistent and accessible information and guidance about ORMS and its courses is available to all stakeholders involved in the recruitment and admissions process, e.g. prospective students, employers, and all ORMS staff and their representatives;
  • assessing all applications on an individual basis;
  • ensuring that all assessment methods used for the selection of students are reliable, appropriate and fair; take into account prior learning and experience; reference qualification guidelines and formal organisational agreements when determining the appropriate stage of entry; acknowledge the requirement to make reasonable adjustments where appropriate;
  • ensuring that the principles surrounding the procedures for recruitment and admission to ORMS are as transparent and accessible as possible;
  • ensuring that all staff involved in making decisions about an applicant’s entry to ORMS do so in a manner that is transparent and consistent with policies and procedures.

Monitoring our arrangements

As part of the learner registration and certification processes for qualifications and units, ORMS will collect information on diversity and requests for reasonable adjustments or special consideration. We also seek feedback from learners, staff and other stakeholders using a variety of methods.  Any relevant issues identified which suggest our provision or services may have unnecessarily impacted on learners will be reported back to our Board of Directors who will be responsible for ensuring a review takes place. The outcome of this will be discussed by the Review Boards. If necessary following this review, we will make amendments to provision and/or services in accordance with our documented procedures. If reviews highlight equalities or accessibility issues with units or qualifications, we will inform all relevant stakeholders.

Details of our reviews will be made available upon request.

This Policy, and the associated procedures noted below, have been prepared in compliance with relevant legislation, in particular, the Equality Act 2010.

This Policy and associated procedures are also designed to ensure that ORMS is compliant with the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) UK Quality Code for Higher Education – Chapter B2: Recruitment, selection and admission to higher education.