C3: Plagiarism

We take plagiarism very seriously. You may be liable for the penalties described in C1: Academic Misconduct Regulation if you attempt to pass off someone else’s work as your own


Students must ensure that coursework submitted for assessment in fulfilment of course requirements is genuinely their own and is not plagiarised (borrowed, without specific acknowledgement, or stolen from other published or unpublished work). A full definition is in Policy C1 Academic Misconduct Regulations, Section 2.

Quotations should be clearly identified and attributed using the RGU Harvard System of Referencing. Assessed work should not be produced jointly unless the written instructions specify this. Such co-operation is cheating and any commonality of text is plagiarism.

For further information on Harvard Referencing, see our policy A3: Harvard Referencing Guide

We use the RGU Harvard system for all courses to ease the pain for students moving from one course to another!

The following examples will help you to avoid being accused of plagiarism

  • The University of Manchester’s resource has an excellent resource for understanding plagiarism and how to avoid it. The final section offers guidance on the study skills you need for successful study. Follow this link