C17: Student Debtors

Final Awards

  1. Students on taught programmes undertaking all assessment requirements for a final award and have debts owing to ORMS of any kind, but whose registration has not been cancelled, are permitted to complete assessments, including examinations. Assessments should be marked and marks and awards considered at the Course Committee Meeting and Board of Examiners, respectively.
  2. Awards, including those of debtors, should be notified to the Head of Administration.
  3. ORMS withholds results of assessments from students who owe tuition fees. The names of such debtors are removed from centrally maintained Pass Lists and those students are not permitted to gain their final award. These sanctions apply until the debt is fully discharged. If such students are required to be re-assessed before completion of their award, they should be informed only about the components, which they need to undertake in order that they may prepare for their reassessment.
  4. ORMS does not withhold results of assessments and examinations from students who owe monies other than tuition fees. Although these students achieve their award and will receive an award certificate, they are not allowed to attend any graduation or award ceremony. This sanction applies until the debt is completely discharged.
  5. ORMS reserves its rights to continue to pursue any outstanding debt, if necessary by legal action.