C16: ORMS iLearn VLE User Policy

ORMS VLE User Policy


ORMS iLearn is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used at http://iLearn.orms247.co.uk. It is based on the Moodle ‘Course Management System’ (http://www.moodle.org), a free open source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities.  Moodle is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

ORMS iLearn provides a range of features for the delivery, support, administration and participation in teaching and learning activities.  The features include content delivery and collaboration between tutors and learners, such as:

  • Content creation or upload;
  • Discussion forums and chat rooms;
  • Messaging tools;
  • Assignments;
  • Quizzes; and
  • Monitoring of users’ online activity.

The ORMS iLearn VLE is integrated with the ORMS Learner Records database to enable the creation of accounts for enrolled learners and their allocation to the appropriate study areas.  Other software and web services may also be linked to provide an integrated learning environment for staff and learners.  The ORMS iLearn VLE is defined as the ORMS implementation of the Moodle course management system and all other linked software tools for the support and delivery of teaching, learning and research at ORMS.  Hereafter it will be referred to as ‘The ORMS VLE’.

Purpose of the User Policy

The purpose of the ORMS iLearn VLE User Policy is to specify user responsibilities and to promote the appropriate use of the ORMS VLE for the protection of all members of the ORMS community.  The User Policy applies both within and outwith ORMS premises.

User Policy

Please note that users include ad hoc learners attending short courses with ORMS.


  • All users must register to use the ORMS VLE.
  • All registered users must agree to the ORMS iLearn VLE User Policy and the GDPR iLearn Site Policy and any other applicable ORMS policies.  All ORMS policies are available at http://intranet.orms247.co.uk
  • These Policies cover the whole period that the user is a member of the Moodle community at ORMS.
  • On registration, users must give their consent to ORMS’s processing of their personal data via the ORMS VLE and to acknowledge the ORMS’s Data Protection Statement.

Your Responsibilities

Users of the ORMS VLE must agree to:

  1. Not use the ORMS VLE for anything else other than for the purposes of teaching, learning and research. However, incidental personal use, for example via the Moodle social forums, is acceptable.
  2. Not use the ORMS VLE for personal commercial use, for example marketing.
  3. Not use the ORMS VLE for uploading, storing, viewing or transmitting any material which is (or may be considered to be) defamatory, inflammatory, discriminatory, obscene or offensive.
  4. Not misrepresent ORMS or bring it into disrepute in any way through the use of the ORMS VLE.
  5. Be responsible for moderating discussion forums which they may have created.
  6. Always act in a professional manner. Be polite and courteous to others when using the ORMS VLE. The ORMS VLE is not to be used to libel, slander, or harass any other persons.
  7. Not plagiarise in submitted postings or assignments.
  8. Not breach the copyright of the ORMS or any third party by copying from the ORMS VLE without authorisation. Copyright of the course materials and content of the ORMS VLE are owned or controlled by ORMS unless otherwise stated. Any copies of third party materials will be clearly labelled with warnings about any copyright restrictions.

Your Responsibilities and Data Protection

Users of the ORMS VLE must agree to:

  1. Look after their own username and password. Do not share your password or logon identity with anyone else and do not use the username and password of other users.
  2. Keep physical access to the ORMS VLE secure. For example, do not login to the ORMS VLE and then leave your computer unattended.
  3. Not attempt to gain unauthorised access to any part of the ORMS VLE.
  4. Not post material which contains viruses or other programs which may disrupt the ORMS systems.
  5. Not upload private, confidential or sensitive material unless this is authorised. For a further explanation of ‘sensitive personal data’ see Appendix 1 ‘Sensitive Personal Data’
  6. Keep their own data up-to-date and secure.
  7. Understand that ORMS will not take responsibility for any loss of information, which has been posted on the ORMS VLE, once users cease to be formally associated with the ORMS.


Certain activities will be regarded as gross misconduct by the ORMS, and are subject to severe penalties for users, including suspension of use of the ORMS VLE or termination of their studies with ORMS.

These activities include

  • deliberate interruption to the use of the ORMS VLE;
  • gaining or attempting to gain unauthorised access to any part of the ORMS VLE or information stored therein;
  • unauthorised disclosure of personal data;
  • wilful or reckless infringement of any intellectual property rights of ORMS or third parties; and
  • the viewing, transmitting or storing any material which is (or may be considered to be) defamatory, inflammatory, discriminatory, obscene or offensive.