C12: Personal Tutors

The Role of the Personal Tutor

Personal tutors are appointed for all students on professional courses. They are there to provide students with support, advice and guidance on an individual level.

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We ask that you ensure that you meet with your Personal Tutor during the first attendance week on your course and again at each subsequent attendance week.

Common topics for discussion with your Personal Tutor include:

  • study progress
  • course changes
  • module choices
  • mitigating circumstances (ill health or other circumstances that are impacting upon a student’s studies or have the potential to do so)
  • assessment results
  • career opportunities and employment references
  • personal problems, such as accommodation or financial difficulties.

If, for any reason you are not able to meet with your Personal Tutor you can also approach the Course Leader, the Head of Administration or the Quality Manager for a one-to-one appointment.