C11: Student Induction Process

  1. This process applies to both short and professional courses. Staff should cover the appropriate sections on short courses at the start of the course, and ALL items on full courses during the induction day.
    1. Get key staff (Head of Administration, Quality Manager etc.) to present various aspects as appropriate.
    2. Arrange an early tutorial to map out where the student is with personal and academic skills, and if they need help to progress. Some support can be offered during their time at Outreach in the evenings.
    3. Get a Course Representative elected at the end of the first week, and pass this information to Head of Administration & Quality Manager
  2. Introduction and welcome
    1. Centre Health and Safety briefing, Fire procedures, toilets, no-smoking
    2. Course information. Include dates of face to face meetings and on-site training
    3. Relationships between ORMS / RGU / FutureSkills (as appropriate)
    4. Key staff (get all key staff to meet the students on their first day). Make sure they know who the Course Leader, Head of Administration, Personal Tutor and Module Tutors are.
    5. Introductions to their fellow students. Practical icebreakers will break up the monotony of the day and introduce fun.
    6. Confidentiality; Strict and Chatham House Rules
  3. Course outline
    1. Details of modules, attendance dates, assessment dates
    2. Location of things (RGU and ORMS policies, resources etc)
    3. Practice Placements, to cover who their PEd is, who can and can’t assess them, details of their placements and their requirements, both academic and non-academic including the requirement to maintain a weekly register of their activities.
  4. Enrolment
    1. Complete registration / enrolment forms. Ensure both ORMS and RGU forms are completed where necessary. Make sure they are signed
    2. Photographs for ID cards
    3. Fitness for Practice declaration
    4. Data protection releases for photography etc.
  5. Regulations
    1. Course Rules and Regulations. Location of regulations, forms etc. on the ORMS’ Intranet or at RGU
    2. Attendance (online, at placement, online); Attendance monitoring and implications of absence.
    3. Annual declarations, health, criminal records
    4. Patient confidentiality
    5. Conduct
    6. Use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
    7. What a protected title is, and the use of the expression ‘paramedic’
  6. Resources
    1. Library Services
    2. Moodle (iLearn or Campus Moodle)
  7. Assessments and Practice Placements
    1. Provide details of assessment points and submission dates
    2. Completing the Ongoing Record of Achievement
    3. Requirements of the course (number of hours on placement, online activity)
    4. Harvard referencing
    5. Cheating
    6. Presentation of work (word counts, fonts, spacing, front sheets, etc)
    7. Submitting assignments
    8. TurnItIn
    9. Late submissions, and penalties
    10. Appeals
    11. Release of information to employers and Practice Placements providers
  8. Support and help
    1. Personal tutor. You should allocate their personal tutor, and arrange an early tutorial
    2. Additional learning needs, any assessments, pick up on any identified learning need or disability
    3. Is there anything that poses a threat to their success? Ask this during tutorials.
    4. Complaints
    5. Suspending studies
  9. Things they need to provide
    1. Completed enrolment forms (RGU, ORMS)
    2. Clearance forms
    3. Payment of fees
    4. Any health, dietary issues etc that need to be addressed
    5. Release of information forms
    6. Data Protection releases
  10. Things you need to give them
    1. Course handbooks
    2. Module handbooks
    3. iPads and software
    4. Location of various forms etc.
    5. URLs to various resources, pages, platforms
  11. RGU online walk-through
    1. If they have passwords and IDs, walk them through the RGU systems online. Try to get this completed by the end of their attendance period.
    2. Make sure they know where RGU’s CampusMoodle is and how to get on it.