B7: Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

  1. ORMS promotes the value of learning and will provide potential, current and former students with Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) in order to support them in their choice of appropriate study courses. Information, Advice and Guidance will be available before enrolment and at all stages after enrolment.
  2. In order to achieve their chosen qualifications, ORMS recognises the student’s need to be on the right course, at the right time and with appropriate support. ORMS also has a moral and ethical obligation to ensure all students are recruited with integrity.
  3. ORMS intends to provide appropriate Information, Advice and Guidance, free of charge, to all students within a reasonable timeframe.
  4. ORMS aims to improve the success, progress and employability of our students through access to high quality IAG and outstanding learning opportunities. We aim to do this by ensuring that;
    • All students to receive immediate Information and Advice on enquiry;
    • All students requiring a Guidance appointment will have one scheduled and be notified within 5 working days;
    • All those students accessing Guidance services will have a positive outcome in terms of application, enrolment, re-enrolment or referral to a more appropriate source;
    • Seeking the opinions of our students in order to improve the quality of the IAG services. A minimum of 10% of all students accessing Information and Advice services will be asked to complete a questionnaire about their experiences of IAG services.
  5. ORMS adopts the following principles as a basis for its IAG Services:
    • Accessibility and Visibility – we aim to provide recognised and trusted IAG services which are publicised, signposted and made available to all students at times and venues which suit their needs. Utilising Moodle and ORMS’ Intranet we aim to ensure students have up-to-date resources within their reach.
    • Professional and Knowledgeable – our staff should have the ability to quickly and effectively identify students’ needs and if necessary signpost or refer them to suitable alternative services.
    • Effective connections – where students are signposted to suitable alternative services we aim to support them in that transition.
    • Availability, Quality and Delivery – our IAG services are targeted at the needs of our students. IAG interventions are recorded and audited to ensure quality.
    • Diversity – we recognise the individuality of our clients and provide a range of services to reflect this.
    • Impartial – our IAG services aim to support students to make informed choices, on study programmes and progression routes, based on their needs, interests and circumstances.
    • Responsive – our IAG services aim to reflect the present and future needs of our students and the respective Labour Market demands.
    • Friendly and welcoming – we aim to provide services which encourage the student to successfully engage with us.
    • Enabling – our IAG services aim to engage and support students in becoming life-long learners, allowing them to explore and plan their careers through access to and use of information.
    • Awareness – we aim to make clients aware of the relevant IAG services available to them and to have an informed expectation of those services.
  6. Procedures
    • Our marketing materials will:
      • Make clear the opportunities available to learners
      • Ensure printed or web pages are accurate and updated regularly.
      • Ensure that the stocks of leaflets and other information materials are current and appropriately displayed.
    • ORMS’ IAG staff will:
      • Provide accurate and appropriate Information and Advice on all aspects of ORMS and its courses and, where necessary, signpost to appropriate alternative services.
      • If further guidance, is required, an appointment with a subject specialist, Director or Module Leader will be arranged.
      • Respond to requests for information (made by email, letter or telephone) in a prompt and efficient manner, by the end of the normal working day.
      • Notify appropriate faculty any areas of requests for courses that we do not currently offer.
      • Maintain waiting lists for courses that are full and communicate to students when a new offering is available.
      • Attend promotional or other events in order to offer guidance services to potential students and their employers.
    • ORMS’ Head of Administration will:
      • Make staff aware of our IAG Policy.
      • Provide year round informed and impartial guidance services through individual appointment slots.
      • Ensure that interview slots are available on a weekly basis and that the diary is made available for alternatives as needed.
      • Address the individual aspirations of each potential / actual student during guidance sessions.
      • Ensure that Faculty staff are kept informed and trained on the curriculum offer and in associated products.
      • Measure and improve the quality of Information, Advice and Guidance through various sources such as:
        • Event feedback
        • IAG observations
        • Staff Feedback
        • Client feedback
        • Self-Assessment
        • Feedback from other organisations
      • Ensure that marketing and publicity materials in liaison with the Board of Directors are representative, accurate and updated as necessary during the year.
      • Ensure there is an annual review of the IAG Policy and Procedure.