The Difficult Airway Course

“Airway management is the foundation on which the resuscitation process rests.” – Ron Walls, MD

“There are few more important tasks in emergency medicine than airway management. Whatever method is used must be effective, for the problem airway does not allow the luxury of waiting until the ‘physician’ arrives, or until the problem has cured itself.” – Charles E. Stewart, MD, FACEP

The Difficult Airway Course is a suite of airway management education packages that are evidence based and continually updated.  The course materials are updated every year to reflect the very latest evidence in thei critical area of prehospital care.

95% of successful airway management is the last 5% of your technique. Meaning that it is those little nuances and tricks that one learns from experience and practice that make the seasoned practitioner more successful than the novice. This course is intended to close that gap by teaching the little things that make a difference in your success rate!!

Participants repeatedly tell us that they had always been intimidated by airway management and were truly afraid until they took this course. After taking it they were no longer afraid and no longer lost sleep in fear of the next patient that needed airway management!

ORMS is an approved centre for the delivery of the EMS range of Difficult Airway Courses.

Selecting the best course for you

When addressing any training requirement consideration should be given to your scope of practice, the environmental factors that may impact upon both human performance & logistics of care and the situations when the intervention is to be performed.

In cases where you are exposed to airway management techniques at a higher level than your own scope of practice, consideration should be given to taking a higher level of training so that you have knowledge and understanding of the techniques being performed. This will improve your situational awareness and provide for a better dynamic when considering Crew Resource Management (CRM) related issues as a part of your drive for clinical excellence and better patient outcomes.

There are three options available:

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