Other Services

ORMS is also able to offer other services that support organisations and individuals. These range from consultancy on clinical governance and clinical systems through to external verification and evaluation of service delivery.

Clinical Governance

ORMS is able to design Clinical Governance frameworks that are adapted to the individual needs of the client, responsive to the ever-changing cultures of Clinical Governance within an organisation and those it is allied with and consistently striving to deliver more than the accepted minimum standard (known elsewhere as “Best Practice”), ORMS consistently strives to deliver “New Best Practice”.

There is a temptation to assume that “New Best Practice” will cost more; in fact it doesn’t, it provides real cost benefits in that it is no more costly to deliver but realises improvements that improve patient care (workers return to work quicker), reduces clinician stress (as they are confident that their knowledge and skills are appropriate to the task) and reduces corporate risk (as they are able to evidence a well managed, up to date system.)

It is not possible nor is it appropriate to “lift” a Clinical Governance framework from one environment and attempt to apply it in another. This practice would lead to inappropriate systems of work that could potentially place the patient, the practitioner and the organisation at risk. This is why we work closely with your organisation to design a system that is appropriate, useable and effective.

Support Services

As part of the ORMS approach to maintaining knowledge and skills, we can provide individuals with access to our online learning and support environment. This platform develops a community of practice that the individual can access wherever and whenever they need to. They are able to engage with their peers and members of the faculty to discuss clinical issues in a safe environment.

ORMS encourages individuals to engage in the development and maintenance of a Continuous Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) Portfolio.

The CPPD portfolio encourages the individual to reflect upon their own knowledge and/or experiences to identify areas of practice for improvement and enables the individual to record their learning activities. The CPPD portfolio also contains an element of “Skills Passport” completion. This area highlights core competencies that must be practiced by the individual with their peers (peer support) to reduce “skills fade”. The ORMS CPPD portfolio is filled out online and the forms printed to enable the individual to develop a hard copy of their activities. The online portion enables the employer to receive reports on each individual’s activity and core competency status.

In addition, ORMS can provide a service whereby clinical tutors provide periodical quality assurance, mentorship and coaching through operational visits. The usual format for this service is designed to be supportive to the participant rather than an assessment. If periodical operational assessments are required then this can also be facilitated.

An operational visit usually consists of:

  • 1 day of activity with a student:tutor relationship of 4:1 maximum
  • A review of the individuals CPPD portfolio
  • Facilitated reflection on a selection of cases attended to
  • Clinical discussion on areas of practice the individual needs further development on
  • Scenario-based training to maintain competence
  • A written report describing the activities completed and our findings